Sunday, August 22, 2010


Why did a race that stood on the pedestal of fame, glory and achievement at virtually all levels fall so low as to be now regarded as the scum of the Earth, with only patches of success stories?

After pondering on this vexatious question I arrived at an unsavory conclusion. The Black race fell as a result of violence that has been waged against it by peoples whose shibboleth is WAR.

Let’s take a look at a few Black civilizations.

1. India and parts of Pakistan: The very term (Sind) India means “Black,” and the original inhabitants were Blacks. However, the Aryans attacked them and their civilization was destroyed.

Blacks founded the Harappan civilization in the Indus Valley. They had their own system of writing and they built modern cities with sophisticated underground sewers. The Aryans waged relentless attacks against the Blacks who mounted an obdurate resistance but finally succumbed to the Aryan war machine.

The conquerors set up a system, redolent of South Africa’s apartheid system. They placed themselves at the top and the Blacks at the very bottom in a rigidly maintained racial hierarchy.

The wars between the Blacks and Aryans have been recounted in ancient texts such as the Rig Veda. This work tells us how their national god, Indra, slew 50,000 Blacks. We are also told how this vicious god is” blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the black skin, which Indra hates. There is also talk of “driving the black skin far away.” The Aryans created the “untouchables” of India.

Bereft of peace and stability and barred from normal social intercourse, the Blacks of India and thereabout fell.

2. Egypt: A similar scenario can be found in Egypt, which was a Black civilization but later took on a bi-racial one due to the influx of foreigners, either peacefully or through violence. A look at the Sphinx reveals unmistakable Black features. The Sphinx, in actual fact, is far older than the dates ascribed to it by most Egyptologists.

From time immemorial, outsiders fiercely attacked the Egyptians. Some included Blacks such as the Hyksos. Other merciless invaders were the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and so on. The wars were ferocious and inhumane and so the Blacks fled to sub-Saharan Africa, mixed and collaborated with their oppressors, were forcibly removed from their lands and so on. Thus the Black race fell.

Ancient Egypt was crucial to the Black race for many reasons. It was a repository of great knowledge: in medicine, architecture, engineering, astronomy, etc. The conquests and persecution of the Black priests (actually professors) meant a decline of the Black race. The invasions of northern Africa also had repercussions on other parts of the continent, and so instead of the necessary peace that was essential for the development of any civilization, many parts of Africa experienced turmoil. The fall of Egypt was a serious blow to the dignity and progress of the Black race.

3. Sumerian: Sumeria was also a Black civilization. Never mind the fact that it was located in present-day southern Iraq. It was also not the “Cradle of Civilization.” That distinction belongs to Africa. Africans from the Nile Valley were responsible for the nurturing of the Sumerian civilization. Indeed, the Sumerian cuneiform system of writing was derived from the Egyptian hieroglyphics. It must be noted, however, that Sumer was not the first civilization in Mesopotamia, although it was the greatest.

Sumeria consisted of city-states like Uruk, Kish, Nippur, Ur and Lagash. They called themselves the blackheads or black-faced people. Some scholars will tell you that the Sumerians were a mysterious people; they will not tell you the truth. They are depicted on ancient monuments with shaven heads and beards while the Whites are shown with beards and long hair.

The Sumerians were noted for their ziggurats, farming technology that yielded abundant harvests and so on But how did this remarkable civilization fall? Again, the answer is violence. The Sumerian city-states were conquered in 2334 by Sargon of Akkad. The knowledge of the Sumerian scholars were used by the Whites.

We can take a look at Europe and the situation is the same. The earliest Black inhabitants of Britain, for example, were subdued by violence, removed from their lands by White settlement and restricted by an appalling apartheid system. Julius Caesar and the Romans also did much to annihilate the European Blacks (including the Black Gauls)

Blacks were the first inhabitants of the Americas, builders of the pyramids of Cahokia, the so-called mysterious Mound Builders. Again, their civilization was destroyed by WAR.

Why did the Black race fall? The answer is obvious. But mixed with warfare, which has also been experienced by other races, the Black experience is unique in that it has been mixed with RACIAL oppression. The Black race fell not because the race is inferior but because Blacks have proven from antiquity that they are too brilliant not to be impeded from outshining others.